Tiktaker Corinne Dies at Age 42: Fans Pay Tribute to Popular Mom TikTok


The popular TikToker, known in the app as Corinne_1, has died at the age of 42, friends and family have confirmed.

Corinne gained more than 100,000 followers on the social media app, where she posted a variety of content about her family life, her pets, including a Great Dane and a horse, as well as motivational messages and life advice.

Her last upload was posted on December 29, and with the start of the new year, fans began to miss her regular downloads.

On January 10, a friend and colleague of TikToker thecurlyq confirmed that Corinne, who was 42 years old, died on December 29.

“We lost Corinne, Corinne passed away,” she said. “Her close friends just found out. And she deserves to be glorified, and I’m asking you to do that. She was the light in this app.

“Great mother, great friend.”

A tribute to Corinne on TikTok

Corinne’s daughter, Gillian, is also present on TikTok and has responded to some of the comments by expressing condolences.

One supporter wrote: “Your mom was such a rare, sweet, fierce, loving, kind soul!” Gillian replied, “She was an incredible person. Thank you.”


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♬ Originalton – Annchen-Augustine

The cause of death has not been publicly disclosed. A friend of Corinne said: “Out of respect for the wishes of the family, we do not discuss the details, but simply ask all of us to focus on her life and the impact on us.”

Hundreds of comments were left by the last download of Corinne._1.

“My heart is so broken that she was one of my first friends on this app. God, I’m going to miss her beautiful smile. Pray that her daughter is all right,” one of the comments says.

Another wrote: “My beautiful friend, my heart is broken, you were a light and a rock, I will miss your smiling face and inspiring words.”

Corinne’s death was the second notable death of the TikTok creator already in 2023 after the death of Noah Brady, who also had hundreds of thousands of subscribers on the app.


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