Tik Tok will provide games with a great platform in the app


The video sharing social network site is configured to add a game button to the home page.

TikTok is designed to provide a gaming platform in the application using a special tab.

Earlier this year, it was reported that TikTok, a video-sharing social network, was to make a “serious push” into the world of mobile gaming. A pilot launch of nine mini-games soon followed.

However, the site now plans to launch a special gaming channel in its app, according to the Financial Times and people familiar with the Chinese company ByteDance.

A special tab will be placed on the TikTok homepage and will allow users to access the mobile games channel, “where ads can be displayed and users can pay for additional content,” the report says.

According to insiders, the new channel may be announced on TikTok Made Me Play It, which is their “first gaming event” and is scheduled to take place on November 2. The event will be attended by speakers from companies such as Electronic Arts and 2K Games.

“The future of the games is already here,” the event description says. “Join us to find out why TikTok is the number one path to the growth of the gaming industry.”

Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, which is also owned by ByteDance, has been offering “hyper-casual games” since 2019, while TikTok has hired employees in various gaming-related positions over the past few months.

In September, Assaf Sagi was appointed TikTok’s head of global gaming. “TikTok and games are made for each other,” Sagi wrote in a LinkedIn post announcing his appointment. “TikTok has proven its value by helping consumers discover what is interesting, valuable and popular. I look forward to working closely with all gaming companies around the world to help make TikTok a central pillar of your marketing strategies.”

Although TikTok has not confirmed the reports, it says that “we are always looking for ways to enrich our platform and regularly test new ideas that we believe can benefit our community.”

This is because Netflix is also looking to expand its mobile gaming offering by launching a “cloud gaming service.”

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