Tik Tok star Lauren Gray loves fake freckles as much as her new Revlon collection


TikTok Trendsetter! The number of Lauren Gray’s social media followers is in double digits — and it’s safe to say that her influence is only getting stronger.

The 20-year-old singer and content creator presented a limited Revlon collection called Loren Grey Fierce Angel Makeup Collection, which is already available.

The star of the collection is the eyeshadow palette, which, according to Gray, is her favorite. It consists of a mixture of elastic soft pastels and nude matte shades selected by the star of social networks manually.

The line includes three more Revlon bestsellers, complementing the beautiful palette: So Fierce! Big Bad Lash mascara, double-sided eyeliner ColorStay Line Creator and ColorStay Matte Lite pencil.

In addition to the palette — an obvious necessity — Gray says that makeup lovers should try eyeliner, stat. “It’s really handy because it’s double—sided, so it has a pencil side and then a liquid eyeliner side,” Gray explains.

The “Queen” singer is not strictly a beauty influencer, but she has been flaunting a full face of professional-level glamour for years.

“I was bullied a lot, a lot because of how I look in high school,” she continues. “I was finishing my school work and watching makeup lessons all day.”

Looking back, the Pennsylvania native says, “My passion for makeup started out of insecurity, but turned into self-expression.”

On social media, Gray often shows off his trademark glamour: a bold cat’s eye and spectacular eyelashes. But this does not mean that she does not like good makeup, known on social networks. Her favorite? Freckles from root spray.

For the uninitiated: this trend involves a very light spray spray for tinting the roots (yes, hair products) on those areas of the face where you would like to create an artificial appearance of freckles.

“I would never have thought of that,” she says. “I think it’s absolutely brilliant and looks really good. It took me a couple of tries because I’m a bit domineering, but I like it.”

However, she has not yet shared a video or a photo of the image on social networks, because she “did not bring it to perfection.” Fingers crossed, it will be soon.

If you’re wondering what millions of subscribers mean to Gray, she doesn’t take it lightly. “What I like most about social media is that I grew up with my fans,” she says. “I think it was a special experience to have this connection with people who care about me and people I care about.”

“Even if we have never met, it is mutual support and love that are so important to me and keep me online. Despite all the other negative aspects associated with it, it outweighs everything.”

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