Tik Tok Announces New Photo Editing Feature


Although his competitors didn’t really teach him much when he first appeared, TikTok, which has a very good algorithm and is eyeing the throne of Instagram, continues to offer new features for content producers. The platform, which attaches great importance to user reviews and allows everyone from 7 to 70 years old to create content and meet people, has announced its new photo editing feature.

TikTok opens the era of photo galleries

Users will be able to create and share photo galleries of up to 35 frames in their content. You can also add music to this gallery. Users will be able to navigate through the photos in the gallery by swiping left manually. If there is no manual intervention in the gallery, the photos will change synchronously with the music.

Another innovation proposed by TikTok was the ability to add longer descriptions under the content. Thanks to this innovation, descriptions of up to 2,200 characters can be added under the video or photo content.


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