Tiger Woods Sends a Clear Message about His Golf Future: Fan Reaction – The Spun: What’s Trending in the Sports World Today

Tiger Woods’ week at St. Andrews came to an end after he scored 3 over 75 on Friday, bringing his score at the tournament to 9 overs.
Despite his far from brilliant game, the hall on the Old Field roared when Tiger passed on the 18th fairway.
It is impossible to be sure, but this moment gave the feeling that we can watch this spectacle for the last time.
During the interview after the round, Tiger reinforced this feeling.
“It was probably my last Open at St Andrews,” he said.
He further explained that he may be able to return for future open tournaments, but it is unlikely that he will still be active by the time the event returns to the old field.
The golf world reacted to this devastating thought on Twitter.
“I wasn’t trying to cry today, but damn it,” one fan wrote.
“Then come back to St Andrews next year,” suggested another.
“Does anyone else miss Tiger’s walk until they’re 18 and cry themselves to sleep?” asked another.
Tiger has long said that the St. Andrews Open is one of his favorite competitions on one of his favorite fields.
He made his major debut on the Old Field in 1995. He won this tournament for the first time in St. Andrews in 2000. His second of three Open Championship wins also came on the Old Course five years later.