Tiger Woods received a special award before the Open Championship

Tiger Woods has many titles: PGA Tour leader, 15-time world champion, 11-time Player of the Year… and now an honorary member of the St. Andrews Golf Club.
On the eve of the 150th Open Championship, Woods was honored to join one of the great golf clubs.
In his statement, Tiger told what this moment meant to him:
I am grateful for this invitation to become an honorary member of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews. This is not only the birthplace of golf, but also a place in this world that I keep close to my heart. It is a great honor for me to accept this invitation together with these outstanding players today, as well as those who came before us.
Three-time Open champion Woods scored two of those victories at St. Andrews, his favorite golf course in the world.
Speaking about why this is so, Tiger sent journalists on a trip down memory Lane.
“This is where it all started for me as an amateur,” Woods explained. “My first chance to play in the Open Championship was here. I’ll never forget playing with Ernie Els and Peter Jacobsen for the first two days. It opened my eyes to how this golf course can be played as easily as it can be played and as difficult as when the wind changes. Obviously, so is the tide.”
“I think just being here, I think this is my sixth open championship here. Just to have such an experience and to be able to play here, in the homeland of golf, is always something special,” Tiger concluded. “The fact that you won it [here] twice makes it even more special.”
The open tournament starts tomorrow.