Tiger Woods arrives at the meeting: The golf world Reacts


On Tuesday, the PGA Tour will hold a massive meeting amid a feud with LIV Golf.

According to Alan Shirnak, everything is on the table: from major boycotts to the future of Jay Monahan and even a major compromise between the two leagues. It’s so important that Tiger Woods is expected to fly in for it.

Woods will fly to Wilmington, Delaware, where the BMW Championship is being held. It also looks like several of the top 20 players in the world who didn’t leave for LIV Gall are coming, according to ESPN’s Mark Schlabbach.

Golf fans are excited that Woods will talk about the ongoing feud between the two leagues.

Woods has never been a LIV Gall supporter, even after he reportedly turned down an offer to join the $700-800 million tour.

This meeting has the potential for a lot of fireworks.


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