Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy have Reportedly made an important Offer


Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy were two of the most famous golfers who turned down lucrative offers from LIV Golf to stay on the PGA Tour. And as LIV continues to excite the golf world, Tiger and McIlroy have their own plans.

According to No Laying Up via Front Office Sports, Tiger and McIlroy have created a proposal that will “fundamentally change” the PGA Tour. According to the report, the proposal will create an “enhanced series of limited field activities.”

Tiger and McIlroy’s proposal will be presented to PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan this week.

Golf fans are not thrilled with this idea. Many say that the described proposal is basically indistinguishable from the LIV Golf series itself, and thus eliminates the distinction that the PGA Tour is trying to create.:

“If you copy LIV, then why not just go on a LIV tour?” one user replied.

“PGA Tour: “We hate what [LIV Golf] does.” Also PGA Tour: “Let’s create tournaments with megabucks, with a limited number of participants, so that the best players can get money. Besides, we hate what LivGolf does!!!” wrote another.

“(Mostly) what Phil [Mickelson] wanted to do. Now they are trying to do it, and if it happens, they will be proclaimed heroes,” wrote a third user.

Obviously Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are trying to fight fire with fire.


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