Tied to love: Why it premieres on Netflix rated for over 18 years


Since news broke in March last year that SNSD’s Seohyun and U-KISS’s Lee Jun Young agreed to play the lead characters in the Netflix film production based on the popular webtoon Moral Sense, they’ve finally celebrated the release. of the first teaser and the confirmation of its imminent premiere on the platform under the title of Amarrados al amor, also known in English as Love and Leashes.

Under the interesting premise of using “the pleasure of pain as a sexual game”, the premiere of Amarrados al amor keeps lovers of productions made with Korean talent with great expectations, especially considering that the international platform is famous for being very flexible with the creators of works of this genre who produce original material.

With a release date scheduled for next February 11, it is known that Amarrados al amor is a film that will revolve around the story of an employee who has an unusual sexual preference and what happens to his office colleague who discovers his secret. Together they will bring out the biggest of their fantasies through a three-month contract, with her as a dominatrix and him as a masochist.

Amarrados al amor (Love and Leashes) will be the debut of Seo Hyun (30 years old) on the big screen as a protagonist after being part of the cast of So I Married An Anti-Fan in 2016 and leading his last two K- Dramas Private Lives and Hi Dracula in 2020. This time she will play Jung Ji Woo, a young woman who works for a large corporation with a secret that she will have to keep.

In the case of Jun from the group U-Kiss, whose real name is Lee Jun Young (24 years old), Amarrados al amor (Love and Leashes) will be his first time on the big screen, after successfully participating in his last K-Dramas. Wings, Fly Up (2020), Imitation (2021), DP (2021) and Let Me Be Your Knight (2021), which is currently broadcast. In the movie, he will play Jung Ji Hoo, Jung Ji Woo’s co-worker and crush.

Although Jung Ji Woo has feelings for her co-worker Jung Ji Hoo, she has never dared to express it, until one day the girl mistakenly receives a package that was meant for the young man. The delivery has been confused because their names are similar, so when she opens the package, surprised, she discovers inside a dog leash of the style used by sadomasochists. Both end up being honest about their tastes and agree to have a relationship for three months, a period in which she will be her teacher.