Tibo Inshape trains with new wall ball on Instagram!


Even during lockdown, Tibo InShape is proving he’s not letting go. The influencer, testing his new wall ball for his sport

Some feared the fact that the President of the Republic announced a new confinement more than 3 weeks ago. Indeed, it sounded like a new weight gain for most French people. Luckily, Tibo InShape is here and giving us tips to stay in shape. The opportunity for him to unveil his new wall ball.

Because yes, staying at home may have some good sides. However, it makes it easier to gain weight. We don’t feel like doing much and prefer to stay in front of the TV all day. All while nibbling in front of the screen to enjoy the moment even more.

But it’s this kind of behavior that increases weight gain. Indeed, doing nothing, while eating in front of the TV, only helps the pounds to take hold of our body. This is why Tibo InShape offers several programs to get out of this bad routine.

It remains to find the motivation to take up sport. But on this point, unfortunately, neither the YouTuber, nor us, had the capacity to motivate you.

Maybe knowing that Tibo InShape has a super useful new tool for exercising could motivate you?


Because yes, as we let you know, the darling of Juju Fitcats has just unveiled his new wall ball. A large ball weighing several grams, even several kilos. This, allowing us to put a weight on certain exercises and make us work even more.

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Well when we see the face of Tibo InShape, we do have the impression that the bullet in question is having its effect. The Youtuber, grimacing and showing off sweaty during the exercises he suggested.

On the other hand, not sure that this motivates his fans to take up sport with this ball. Seeing a pro in pain might not be the best publicity to change your mind.

But whether you play sports with the wall ball or not, we still invite you to follow the Tibo InShape channel. Besides being funny, the young man really gives a lot of tips to improve his physique.


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