Tibo InShape: Special containment cardio fitness session


Thanks Tibo InShape! The YouTuber revealed a 10-minute session to burn as many calories as possible in record time!

Tibo InShape unveiled a great video today! This is a special containment workout!

If you want to get back to sport during this second lockdown, go follow Tibo InShape! The YouTuber offers effective sessions to build muscle!

During the first one already, the handsome brunette had shared his tips with us! What’s great is that he really motivates really well!

He is not the only one ! Indeed, his girlfriend Juju Fitcat also gives very good advice!

We love them, don’t you?

In any case, the couple is mobilizing for us! Indeed, they have released several videos to entertain us and strengthen us! Too nice!

Tibo InShape and his darling even made us laugh with their clash videos! Indeed, if at first we thought it was a breakup, it was in fact a hoax! The couple had us well!


Sportsman Tibo InShape may entertain us with his participation in Darko’s videos, or those of his girlfriend, he does not forget the main purpose of his channel! It’s about getting your followers moving!

Indeed, the darling of Juju Fitcat advocates sport to be well in his body and in his head! And as much to tell you that the formula works very well!

Indeed, on the networks, Tibo InShape is followed by many subscribers who, with each video release, put on their sportswear!

Thus, for this second confinement, many will be watching his videos! The latest one, released today, is going to be a hit!

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Indeed, the handsome brunette reveals a cardio session to lose weight in 30 days by doing his exercises for 10 minutes … Too cool!


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