Tibo InShape calls on his fans to help his work!


Tibo InShape has just posted a new video on his Instagram account. The YouTuber is looking for fans to help him run his business.

Tibo InShape is therefore a lot of talk at the moment. And for good reason, the YouTuber specializing in fitness recently simulated his breakup with his sweetheart, Juju Fitcats.

While netizens thought they were gone for good. Others suspected the deception set up by Tibo InShape and his girlfriend. And they were right to doubt.

A few days later, the couple each unveiled a video where they filed the other. In a story posted on social media, Tibo InShape opened up.

As you can see with Bibou, both are going very very well. Thank you to the second degree team who understood from the start that it was all a joke, that it was in the tone of humor, that we wanted to be self-deprecating. You are 90% to have understood it “.

The couple go on to say they were “inspired by the punchlines, the reviews people had on them.”


A communication blow that paid them big. Indeed, Tibo InShape had more than 11 million views on his video in just a few days. Enough to further grow their various respective channels.

Surely that’s why the young man needs someone. Tibo InShape just posted a new story on his Instagram account. And he is looking for someone to help him manage the business.

“I am looking for one or more fitness influencers for sponsorship by @inshapenutrition”. He then gives the contact to send him an email if the person is interested. Before adding: “Send me a photo from your Instagram, TikTok or YouTube account. ”

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Tibo InShape then concludes: “serious and motivated only”. Needless to say, the young man is likely to have a lot of people interested!


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