Tia Booth from the bachelor’s degree “wasn’t thrilled” about pregnancy “at first,” recalls the story of the groom Taylor Mock


Not part of the plan? Bachelor Nation’s Tia Booth was shocked to find out she was expecting her first child in the midst of planning a wedding with Taylor Mock.

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“I wasn’t so excited at first. I was furious,” the 30—year-old Bachelor in Paradise graduate recalled during the latest episode of the Click Bait With Bachelor Nation podcast. “I’m trying to plan my dream wedding. At this point, I was still trying to get married for six months to do it this fall. So I just couldn’t believe it. … We didn’t try to get pregnant, but we didn’t really try not to get pregnant either.”

After experiencing the “initial stress” of the unexpected milestone, Booth changed his mind. “I was excited!” she told co—hosts Joe Amabile and Natasha Parker.

The Arkansas native announced her pregnancy on Father’s Day, paying tribute to her late father and fiance. “Happy Heavenly Father’s Day to the first man I’ve ever loved, and happy soon Father’s Day to my forever,” she captioned a black and white photo during pregnancy, which she said was deleted from Instagram.

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Booth later uploaded the revelation again. “I have no idea why my original pregnancy announcement post was deleted,” she said on the podcast. “I posted a Father’s Day post as a tribute to my father because it was my first Father’s Day without him. I was talking about how to welcome a new life while mourning another one — this is the cycle of life. …It was the biggest news in my life, and the post disappeared!”

The graduates of the 22nd season of “The Bachelor” got engaged to the Ioc in April after they made their romance public last fall. Reflecting on her journey with the engineer, Booth revealed the exact moment when, in her opinion, they conceived.

“Nine days after we got engaged, I found out I was four or five weeks pregnant,” she explained. “Technically we were pregnant when we got engaged, we just didn’t know. I remember perfectly when we got pregnant. It was March 26th and we were going to go watch the Razorbacks play basketball. It was March madness.”

Booth noted that she uses a monthly tracking app that shows a “red day” during the menstrual cycle. “You shouldn’t have unprotected sex on a red day, but we did,” she teased. “We were almost clean, but that was it.”

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Before finding out about her pregnancy, the former ABC personality said she “felt completely fine,” except for the “stress of planning a wedding.” However, she remembered that she had had strange, specific dreams about motherhood.

“Then I had a dream that I was pregnant. Then I had another dream in which I found out that I had lost a child. And what nonsense,” she continued. “The next day I texted my friend that I dreamed I was pregnant, and she asked if I was menstruating, so she advised me to take a test. I did a test and it turned out to be positive.”

Booth did four pregnancy tests and a blood test before she decided to share the news with the Ioc. “I knew I wanted to tell Taylor about it in person, and I knew I couldn’t wait for him to leave work, so I asked him to have lunch. He was already going with some of his friends, so we went with everyone,” she said.

The couple should welcome their little bundle of joy in December. Although they don’t know the gender yet, Booth told her co-hosts that she wants to honor her late father with her baby’s name if she has a boy.