TI, the scandal of virginity tests: his daughter knows that his father is “possessive”!


The rapper TI has been lynched on the web since he said he passed “virginity tests” to his daughter every month for 2 years.TI is at the heart of a huge controversy! Indeed, the rapper said he was passing virginity tests to his daughter …

In an interview, the rapper TI made a funny revelation. Indeed, the artist said that he took his 18-year-old daughter to the gynecologist every month … For her to pass a virginity test! Words that have angered his fans but not that …

On Twitter, users have not hesitated to show their support for his daughter … So, he does not hesitate to say that what the rapper does live in his city is disgusting.

A few days ago, TI was not ashamed to say that he controlled his daughter’s hymn each month. Indeed, the latter then forced to pass virginity tests every month … Since these 16 years! A certificate of virginity is then attributed to him … Indeed, it is in speaking of his parenthood that rapper TI dropped the information. He had then declared. Not only did we have the conversation, but we have annual visits to the gynecologist to check her hymen. Words that literally shocked the web!

Indeed, on twitter, thousands of Internet users express their shock … And especially their support for the daughter of TI. “It’s horrible and degrading for the woman. I can not believe that in 2019, women are still suffering this! Especially since TI seemed rather open-minded! He talks about sex in these songs, but beside his is a possessive father and torturer. He should be ashamed! Or again: “It’s terrible! Poor child, to undergo this every month … What horror! Can we read on Twitter?

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