Thymesia: RPG made by indie studio coming in 2021


OverBoard has shared a new trailer for Thymesia, a game that draws attention for its graphics, aesthetics and also for its combat style. The game still has no release date, but its arrival is confirmed for until December 31, that is, until the end of the year it will be released for purchase.

The trailer released today also announces the partnership with publisher Team17, which will now publish the game worldwide.

Thymesia narrates the destruction of a kingdom after using the knowledge of alchemy wrongly. In the game, you participate in the story through Corvus, a key character to understand what happened with this reign. Even though it is the key piece of the puzzle, the protagonist does not remember anything. Your objective is to fight until you can remember the secrets that led the region to be inhabited by monsters and disorder.

The RPG focuses on various attacks and dodges, allowing the customization of these in the gameplay. The game has a fast pace and heavy combat and can please fans of Dark Souls, Bloodborne and many other titles that follow this aesthetic.


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