Thymesia: how to get all the endings


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Since the popularity of Dark Souls has skyrocketed, other developers have tried to use the same formula. While FromSoftware continues to refine its SoulsBorne games, which it helped name, games like Thymesia look at things from a different perspective. After the release of Thymesia, players compared it with other games and, for the most part, found it a worthy rival.

As in other SoulsBorne games, a huge part of Thymesia is the mystery of its world and the various paths that players can choose. This means one thing: multiple endings. Here’s how to efficiently get all Thymesia endings.

Basics of the ending

Timesia’s key idea is to create something called the Hermes Formula, an alchemical reagent that will cure the plague that has engulfed the earth.

To mix it, players need boss cores, which come in three varieties: vile blood nuclei, pure blood nuclei, and mutated nuclei. As the name suggests, they drop out of bosses, and there are seven of them in total: three Vile-blooded, two Pure-blooded and two Mutated.

Players need to make sure they know how to defeat Odur as well as the other necessary bosses, because none of them is mandatory when getting all the endings.

Number of endings

Despite the fact that each of the cores falls into one of three categories, each of them is different from the core of a certain boss. This means that there are 47 possible combinations of the Hermes Formula, but don’t worry, there are only five endings.

This is more about the category of combined cores than the specific boss from which they originated. This means that some tips for beginners on Thymesia are to complete all the subquests for secret bosses.

Endings of thymesia

First of all, the ending of Chaos is the worst. This requires nothing more than to complete the game and, if you have any cores, combine two cores of different types.

Saving in Thymesia is very important, especially before the final boss, and that’s why: rebooting before the end of the game, deciding not to start a new game + right away, allows players to get multiple endings without multiple playthroughs.

Next come the endings of Vile-Blood and Pure-Blood. To get them, use the reboot trick and combine two Vile-Blood cores or two Pure-Blood cores for the endings, respectively.

Vile-Blood bosses are any two Odur, Sound of the Abyss and Fool’s God. Pureblood bosses are Ward and Urd. Urd, in particular, is very strong, so it is important to learn how to parry in Timesia.

The last two are complicated. First of all, this is the ending of Harmonizing Force, which requires defeating the God of Fools and the Mutated Odur in order to get the Core of the Mutated Odur. The combination of the Core of the Hanged Queen and the Core of the Mutated Fool gives a Harmonizing Power.

To get the final ending, the Power of Purification, combine the two Mutated Cores again, but stay ahead during the final video. Yes, indeed. This gives Thymesia’s game time some extra, but with proper preparation it’s still relatively easy to get all the endings quickly.

Thymesia is already available for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.


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