Thunderbolt 5 Can Reach 80 Gbps, Indicates Intel VP Photo


Thunderbolt 5: A photo posted on Twitter by the executive vice president of Intel Gregory Bryant, this Sunday (1st), may have revealed some information about Thunderbolt 5. According to the image, the next generation of the communication interface developed by the American company must have the double the speed of the current version.

In the photograph, already erased from the tweet, there is a poster on the wall of Intel’s laboratory in Israel, visited by Bryant, stating that the company is targeting “80G PHY Technology”. According to the website Anandtech, which saved the image before its removal, the text refers to the data transmission capability of the protocol’s next generation.

With that, Thunderbolt 5 could reach 80 Gbps speed, twice the bandwidth of Thunderbolt 4 released last year, running at 40 Gbps. Such an advance would allow, for example, to offer higher refresh rates for monitors with 4K and 8K resolution, among other benefits.

The novelty, which for now has no release date, should maintain compatibility with the current USB-C format, making life easier for users. This information also appears in a portion of the text shown in the photo accidentally posted by the executive.

Other news

Mistakenly leaked details include information about a possible switch to Pulse Amplitude Modulation-3 (PAM-3), according to the publication. This technology appears as a middle ground between the Non-Return-To-Zero (NRZ) and PAM-4 methods, allowing for greater bandwidth without the limitations imposed by the others.

Something that also seems to have been confirmed is that tests with Thunderbolt 5 are already taking place at Intel factories and show “promising results”. The image also suggests that the protocol’s next-generation test chips may have been manufactured by TSMC using 6 nm lithography, a partnership that had already been announced earlier.


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