Thunder Saves the Day in Super Giant Robot Brothers [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]


Screen Rant is pleased to present an exclusive excerpt from the upcoming Super Giant Robot Brothers series, which will premiere on August 4 on Netflix. A new animated 3D comedy explores the story of two robots named Shine and Thunder, who must overcome the rivalry between brothers and sisters and join forces with their ingenious inventor when space monsters invade the Earth.

The supergiant robot brothers were created by Victor Maldonado and Alfredo Torres, a dynamic duo with a completely different experience with artificial intelligence technologies, given that they shot three episodes of the Netflix series “Love, Death and Robots.” Of course, Maldonado also wrote and directed 2007’s Nocturne, a fabulous animated film about a little boy overcoming his fear of the dark, which Torres helped to revive. Their new series stars Marisa Davila (“I Don’t Like It”), Chris Diamantopoulos (“Duck Stories”) and Delbert Hunt (“On the Wild Frontier”).

An exclusive Screen Rant clip from Super Giant Robot Brothers shows Shiney fighting the monster with very little success until a team of robot siblings notices the “naked soft underbelly” of the kaiju creature. They warn Thunder, who immediately goes into action mode and saves the situation. Watch the full clip from the Netflix series below:

Brilliant congratulates his brother with scattered enthusiasm, but Thunder immediately sets the law: it wasn’t a very good job, and everything needs to change. Everything from their jokes to their respective voices indicates that this is indeed their usual dynamic: Shiney in the role of a carefree and potentially reckless robot, and Thunder in the role of a more serious brother and sister, hungry for order. A recent trailer released by Netflix further highlights the pleasure that can be derived from such a complex connection amid the chaos of kaiju.

Reel FX Animation is the innovative team behind the animation and creates all the visual resources and storytelling on the Unreal Game Engine from Epic. Among their other exciting projects are last year’s “Back to the Outback” and “The Book of Life” in 2014, not to mention Scoob 2020! and Free Birds 2013. Meanwhile, Netflix is gradually increasing child fees for its popular series such as Polly Pocket and Masked Heroes. There is no doubt that Super Giant Robot Brothers will soon join this list and add fun for the whole family.


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