Three Wheel Electric Bike with Car Price: Wello Family


The French Wello company presented the Wello Family, a three-wheel electric bicycle model powered by solar energy, at the CES 2020. Environmentally friendly transportation and transportation motto with the vehicle, the full charge has a range of 100 kilometers.

The electric bicycle ecosystem, which is getting richer every year, is very important for the future of our planet in these times when we feel the effects of climate change. Now we begin to see the world in many countries, including Turkey green transportation solutions such as electric scooters and bicycles.

A new addition to these eco-friendly means of transport is the 100-percent electric bike Wello Family. The model was unveiled at CES 2020, the consumer electronics fair in Las Vegas by the French Wello company, leaving far fewer carbon footprints in nature than traditional transportation and transportation solutions.

Wello Family, which has a very modern design concept, promises a high level of comfort thanks to the suspension system located on the two front wheels. In addition to the driver’s seat, the electric bicycle with a special cargo area to hold loads of up to 80 kg in the rear proves that it can be used as a functional delivery vehicle as well as transportation.

The price of this new generation of electric bikes will compete with cars
Wello Family can be operated by pedaling in addition to the electric motor and can reach 40 kilometers per hour. Stating that the electric bicycle has a range of 100 kilometers depending on urban use, the French company says the batteries on the vehicle can be filled with solar energy.

The Wello Family is estimated to have a 1,000W Bafang Ultra engine at its heart, though Wello doesn’t share a lot of technical details yet. It is not yet clear when the electric bicycle, which has a price tag of $ 8,800, will be available.


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