The three signings that Manchester United will make with the sale of Pogba


Manchester United has fallen into an irregularity that does not seem to be able to overcome with current players. The staff suffers from a mental block that does not allow them to sustain the performance, because soon after a good performance, the ghosts reappear. In the leadership it has been concluded that it is necessary to make a renewal of referents. To make changes there is a need to sell and enter a good amount of millions. Currently, the player who does not feel comfortable in Manchester and who can get a great economic benefit is Pogba.

During the summer, everything indicated that Pogba would leave the ‘Red Devils’, the fate seemed announced with his frequent winks to Real Madrid. Whites waiting for other negotiations, did not make an official offer as requested by the English team and passed the market without an agreement.

In the matches that go this course under the command of Solskjær, what seemed complicated got worse. The drastic measure of the club that makes life in Old Trafford is to sell the world champion midfielder to Real Madrid for 160 million euros.

The three saviors of Manchester with the departure of Pogba
The three players who will assume the responsibility of lifting a giant that does not find the way will be: Memphis Depay, Christian Eriksen and Milan Skriniar. These elements would polish the spine of the new eleven holder.

Depay would return after two years in France with Olympique de Lyon, where he raised his level. So far he has 11 goals in 14 games played.

Eriksen would arrive for free, due to the expiration of the contract with Tottenham in 2020.

Finally, Skriniar would boost the defensive zone, which is not the main problem, but requires adjustments.

After all, Pogba’s contribution will be more important off the court with a good sum of millions of euros.


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