Three services already available to make your car smart


Transforming your ordinary car into a smart car is already possible in Brazil. With services from Google, Apple and Amazon, it is possible to make calls, change songs or even request directions on the GPS only through voice commands, such as smart speakers. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are available free of charge via Android and iPhone (iOS) phones, while Echo Auto requires the purchase of a device and needs to be imported.

Manufacturers offering compatible vehicles include Chevrolet, Fiat and Honda, including popular models. Check below for more details on the services, possible types of use and learn how to make your car smart.

1. Android Auto

Android Auto is the automotive service from Google that promises to make your car smart and make life easier for users on a daily basis. The system works using Android phones and promises simple usability. With Bluetooth connectivity or via USB cable, simply connect your smartphone to the car’s dashboard to start the software interface.

Android Auto aims to prevent the user from using the smartphone while driving, increasing the safety of passengers and also traffic. With the service, you can play music via Spotify, use GPS apps like Waze and answer calls.

2. Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay is another smart car service already available in Brazil. With features similar to Android Auto, this service is especially interesting for users of iPhones, iPads and iPods. Like Android Auto, users can enjoy music, request directions, make calls or even send messages via voice commands, this time with Siri, Apple’s assistant.

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Connectivity is also quite simple: just connect the device via the Lightning cable and, if the vehicle is compatible, the Apple CarPlay symbol will appear on the panel.

3. Amazon Echo Auto

Another option that promises to make the car smart is the Echo Auto. Following the line of Echo devices already available for purchase in Brazil, the service is slightly different from the models mentioned above.

Instead of a mobile app, Amazon’s example is a device, which is not yet available in the national market. The accessory is on sale at the company’s official store in the United States, with a price of US $ 49.99, something around R $ 275 in direct conversion, without taxes.


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