Three-screen Xiaomi mobile phone appears in patent


Xiaomi may launch a foldable cell phone with a split screen. According to patents found on the Let’s Go Digital website, the Chinese manufacturer registered a mobile phone with a flexible display that folds in a “Z” shape, different from products launched by manufacturers such as Samsung and Motorola.

The images show that the product has a display that folds twice, on the sides. The screen beds allow you to use the device as a tablet, or reduce the size of the device for easy transport.

While the design guarantees plenty of screen space, there is a downside. As the conceptual images show, the foldable smartphone is not thin when folded.

Various folding concepts

The patent images resemble a video that appeared on the web in 2019 showing an alleged foldable cell phone from Xiaomi. The device also had a double fold, but the sides could be contracted in a way that made the smartphone thinner than the model shown in the record found by Let’s Go Digital.

In addition to the device shown in the video, Xiaomi has also registered another foldable smartphone that is out of the ordinary. One of the devices has the upper part of the flexible display, which allows the cameras on the screen to be used as rear sensors.

The company has also registered a patent for a foldable cell phone with a more conventional look. The product in question appeared in renderings with a flip design, reminiscent of the Motorola Razr and Galaxy Z Flip.

It is worth mentioning that the patent registration does not confirm that the devices will be launched by Xiaomi and only guarantees that the idea is part of the Chinese manufacturer’s portfolio. Therefore, it may be that none of the folding devices listed above will come to life in the future.

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