Three major threats to the dollar, according to Ray Dalio


Ray Dalio, an American investor with a net worth of $ 19 billion, listed the major threats to the US dollar.

Ray Dalio, the founder of the world’s largest hedge fund company, received a warning about the future of the US dollar.

Dalio said that, as with all empires and great states in the past, the United States is in decline and that the country’s currency, the dollar, is facing major threats.

Speaking in an interview with MarketWatch, Dalio sees three major threats to the US and the dollar: the money and debt cycle problem, the gap between wealth and values, and China’s rising power.

Stating that the US should be restructured so that the dollar does not lose its reserve money status, Dalio said:

“But if we do not do this engineering well, we will start spending unlimited and the debt created will never be at a level to be paid. This will risk losing the dollar’s reserve currency position. ”

Despite all these hesitations and warnings about the dollar, Dalio, who did not expect a rise in Bitcoin, warned against BTC in an interview at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland and said that it does not serve two main purposes of money:

“Money has two purposes. It is a medium of exchange and a value preservation tool and Bitcoin currently does not afford both.

Highlighting gold in this regard, Dalio believes that the precious metal will rise in a possible dollar drop.

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