Thousands of PlusToken Bitcoin reacted again


Thousands of PlusToken Bitcoin reacted again. Qualified as China’s biggest ponzi plan, PlusToken’s 13,000 BTC worth $ 120 million at current prices.

The BTCs of PlusToken, which is described as the biggest ponzi plan in Chinese history, are on the move again.

In the last 24 hours, it has been determined that 13,000 new BTC have been deposited from PlusToken wallets to transaction mixing services.

Transaction mixing services are used to make it difficult to track traces of transactions. In this way, fraudsters hide the source of the sent BTC so that it can reach the target exchange without any problems. Blending services are also often preferred by users who want more privacy.

PlusToken was a China-based ponzi plan that promised up to 600% returns to its users. It is assumed that there are 2-3 billion dollars of crypto money from countless users.

Apart from BTC, PlusToken also had a larger extent of ETH. Some of these ETHs were sold on exchanges. While the remaining amount is not clearly known, BTC has been selling at intervals since August. These sales have decreased proportionally recently. Chainlysis determined in December that the perpetrators sold about 25,000 BTC.


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