A Thousand Regrets Surprise for Those Who Do Not Comply with the ‘Stay At Home’ Campaign From Netflix


Netflix, a digital broadcasting platform, has signed a remarkable campaign called “Spoiler Billboard” for those who do not heed to “social isolation” calls. The company announced the most critical scenes of the popular series on the billboards of the street, in order to punish its viewers who go out on the streets despite the warnings.

One of the only things we need to do to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic spread from China to the world is not to leave the house. The curfews declared in many countries, including Italy, Spain, India, Britain, and Greece, have allowed close to 3 billion people to their homes around the world, but some people in countries that have not been declared a state of emergency will still be unable to fully grasp the severity of the epidemic that they continue to throw themselves on the streets. .

Offering an interesting solution to this problem, Netflix literally fills out its customers with ads that give spoilers from popular TV shows. Despite the warnings, the digital broadcasting platform, which explains the critical scenes of the most popular series in its library with advertisements placed on the street boards, regrets those who go out despite the warnings.

Ads with spoilers from Netflix on street boards
In the video he shared about the campaign, Netflix did not neglect to give spoilers in this 47-second video, using the words “Some people think that it is okay to go out and distribute it. We are taking an extraordinary measure.

Stating that they will fill the street boards in the meeting places with spoilers from the current Netflix series, the US company said, “If the virus cannot stop you going out, the spoilers will stop it.” In particular, posters hung on places such as train stations and bus stops will make Netflix users think twice before getting on public transport.

Among the original productions of the digital broadcast platform on the Spoiler Billboards are popular series such as Stranger Things, Love is Blind, Narcos and La Casa de Papel. Netflix has announced that it will reduce Netflix traffic on telecommunications networks by 25 percent in order to ease the internet infrastructure during the coronavirus outbreak.

Video prepared by Netflix for ‘Spoiler Billboard’ campaign


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