Those Who Want to Go to Mars Have a High Risk of Death


Elon Musk made important statements about the colonization project on Mars as part of the “Humans to Mars” event. Stating that there is still a long and difficult road ahead of them, Musk said that going to Mars is not for everyone and that people have a high risk of death.

Elon Musk made important statements at the “Humans to Mars” event held on the internet. Stating that they have made significant improvements in the rocket named Starship, which will realize the colonization project on Mars, which has been a dream for a long time, Musk stated that despite all these, they have a long and difficult road ahead.

Elon Musk, in his statements as part of the Humans to Mars event, stated that they are determined to establish a self-sufficient city on Mars in 2050, but it is not that simple to realize this. Stating that the project is already quite challenging, Musk stated that it is also very risky and that not everyone can afford to go to Mars.

Elon Musk: You are likely to die

According to the statements made by Elon Musk, traveling to Mars is not something that especially those with weak hearts can do. Stating that traveling to Mars will be very risky, Musk says that those who dream of going to Mars are likely to die.

“First we must be able to run Starship”

In his statements on the subject, SpaceX founder states that the main thing to do before going to Mars is to be able to operate the rocket named Starship. Stating that he should pass hundreds of tests before sending people with the rocket that is currently being developed in Texas, Musk also acknowledged that there are still some deficiencies in the project and stated that they will continue to work on these deficiencies.

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Starship had a successful test flight in the past hours

In addition to Elon Musk’s statements, it should be clearly stated that SpaceX engineers continue to work on Starship. In fact, the team made a test flight in the past hours. The gigantic spacecraft, capable of carrying more than 100 metric tons of cargo, made a healthy landing within the designated safe area boundaries after rising about 150 meters from the ground at the facility in Texas. Those moments were also shared on the internet.

Starship, which landed again after a successful take off for the second time, is the clearest indicator of where space technologies have come. The rocket, which is still in development, stands out especially for its carrying capacity. Starship is also the most powerful rocket ever developed. The successful operation of this rocket will provide a very important step for space transportation.


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