Those who did not vote in the 1st round have until Thursday


Voters who did not vote in the first round of Elections 2020 have until tomorrow, January 14, to justify their absence before the Electoral Court. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) recommends that the justification be made through the e-Título application or through the Justifica System, on the internet.

According to the TSE, if the voter does not have any type of access to the internet, the justification process can be done, exceptionally, in any electoral section of the country, by manually filling in the Electoral Justification Requirement (RJE), describing why not voted, and attaching documentation proving the reason for the absence.

The justification for absent from the elections, which can be done on the same day of the election at any polling place, is valid only for the round that the voter did not attend. Thus, if the voter missed both rounds, he will have to make two justifications. The e-title app is available for download on Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iOS).

Fines and other consequences

Voters who do not justify their absences until tomorrow (for those who did not vote in the first round), or until next January 28 (for those who did not vote in the second round), will be subject to the payment of a fine of R $ 3.50 per shift.

During the period in which they are in debt to the Electoral Justice, citizens cannot renew their passports, receive salaries or pay in public jobs, take public exams, renew their enrollment in an official educational establishment or supervised by the government, among other penalties.

If the voter does not vote for three consecutive elections, and does not justify his absence or pay the fine due, he will have his electoral registration canceled. The rule does not apply to those voters who are not required to vote, as illiterate, over 16 and under 18, and over 70.


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