Thor’s Forgotten Weapon in the MCU Finally Gets the Recognition It Deserves


This article contains spoilers for the movie “Jane Foster and the Mighty Thor #1”

Marvel Comics has returned a forgotten weapon from the movie “Thor: Kingdom of Darkness” and showed how dangerous it really can be. Released in 2013 as the second film in the second phase of the MCU, “Thor: Kingdom of Darkness” is generally considered one of the weakest films of the franchise. The critical rating on the website Rotten Tomatoes with summary reviews is only 66 percent, largely due to its inherent weaknesses in direction and characteristics.

Yet despite all of this, Marvel Comics is trying to fix one of the worst MCU movies. Jason Aaron’s “War of the Worlds” turned the villain Malekith into a terrifying threat that was close to conquering the Nine Worlds. Meanwhile, Jane Foster was given free rein in a battle against forces that seemed pretty similar to the MCU ether. It often seems that comic book writers took the film as a challenge to see if they could find a way to make his disparate ideas work.

The latest example is Thorunn Gronbeck and Ryan Stegman, Jane Foster and the Mighty Thor #1, in which Asgard’s enemies launch an attack on the Eternal Kingdom — having previously deprived Asgard of its greatest defender, Thor himself. The Dark elves strike the first blow by hovering over Asgard and releasing singular bombs that absorb everything they encounter. Readers will find them really very familiar because they were used by the dark elves in Thor: Kingdom of Darkness. However, the key difference lies in the scale; in Jane Foster & the Mighty Thor #1 These singularity bombs can destroy huge chunks of buildings. They are a much more frightening weapon.

Marvel Comics has fixed another part of Thor: The Dark World. The MCU singularity bombs were, in fact, hand grenades thrown at the enemy and creating a local explosion. But what you can see in the comics is a massive weapon destroying Asgard. It is impossible to defend against them, because when they hit the structure, they destabilize it and destroy it. Armed with these singular bombs, the dark elves really feel a threat to the whole of Asgard.

Frankly, that’s exactly what the dark elves in the MCU were supposed to be; a marauding force that reveled in destruction, causing havoc in Asgard even as they sought to gain Aether. The leader of the dark elves, Malekith, is a much greater enemy of Asgard here simply because he wants revenge and is glad of the opportunity to get it. Ironically, Marvel Studios initially considered setting Malekith up for a similar personal vendetta against Asgard, but key scenes were cut from the final theatrical release, although some of them can now be viewed on deleted Disney+ scenes.

Overall, “Jane Foster and the Mighty Thor #1” really reminds us that “Thor: Kingdom of Darkness” really had much more potential.