Thor’s Blood Brother Brought Back the Thunderer in an Amazing Cosplay


A new intricate cosplay brings Thor’s brother-in-arms Beta Ray Bill to life without sacrificing his unique design. Not only that, cosplay also allows Beta Ray Bill to reclaim the MCU weapon that should rightfully belong to him: Thunderbolt.

Beta Ray Bill, introduced in Walter Simonson’s Thor #337, is a ferocious creature from the world of Corbin, a planet destroyed by the demonic god of fire Surtur. Chosen as the defender of the remaining Corbynites, Bill underwent a number of cybernetic improvements, giving him enormous strength and deformities vaguely resembling a two-legged horse. After meeting Thor during his travels on his ship “Scuttlebutt”, Bill discovered his ability to wield Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, which led to an epic battle between them to determine who deserves to wield the weapon. Bill defeated Thor, but decided that he could not take the hero’s life, as a result of which Odin created Bill his own enchanted hammer called Thunderbolt. Bill, now Thor’s ally and brother, wielded the Thunderer as a hero throughout the cosmos. However, when the MCU appeared, Bill was pushed to the background, and the Thunderer became Thor.

Closer to the start of Donnie Kates’ current run on Thor, Beta Ray Bill and Thor had another confrontation, this time leading to the destruction of the Thunderer. Although Bill reconciled with Thor, he lost the Thunderer, apparently forever, replacing the weapon with the Twilight Sword of Muspelheim during the recent series of “Beta Ray Bill” by Daniel Warren Johnson. However, in Robert Paul Day’s live rendering of Bill for hero_4_hire_costumes, Bill is reunited with his favorite weapon—or at least with his MCU version.

A cosplay for FANEXPO in Philadelphia shared on Instagram shows that Beta Ray Bill finally owns the incarnation of the MCU Thunderer, taking the name of Bill’s hammer from the comics and handing it over to Thor’s axe. Stormbreaker from the MCU is more like Mjolnir from the Ultimate comics universe, an enchanted hybrid of an axe and a hammer. Thor also once carried an axe named Jarnbjorn in the days before Mjolnir, and when he was an Unworthy Thor, which bears a distant resemblance to the Thunderer wielded by Bill in cosplay. In the cosplay photo shoot, made exactly to the comic, hero_4_hire_costumes also depicts a team between Beta Ray Bill and Captain Marvel, just like in the MCU, where he again owns Mjolnir himself.

Beta Ray Bill’s design is so unique that even most Marvel artists get some of its elements wrong, so it’s a really impressive feat that the costume fully matches it, understanding Bill’s impossible physiology in the real world. Marvel comics based on different genres can often have a much larger design than his films, however, this costume shows that the original image of Beta Ray Bill would be fully applicable in live action. This amazing cosplay, beloved by Thor fans all over the world, not only introduces Beta Ray Bill to fans of live action movies, but also gives him his iconic comic weapon.