Thor vs. the Hulk Woman Has Been Settled Forever in the Darkest Possible way


There is no denying that the Hulk Woman is a powerful hero – a strong, intelligent and capable martial artist — but does this put her on the same level as the mighty Thor? One shocking moment answered this question when one of Marvel’s superpowered heroes forever proved that they are in a different league than the other.

Jennifer Walters is a lawyer whose blood was transfused by her cousin Bruce Banner. The donation of Hulk’s blood turned her into one of the most powerful creatures in Marvel comics. She was an Avenger, a hero for hire, a member of the Fantastic Four and many others. And unlike Bruce, she retains her personality and intelligence during the transformation. This allows her to be more tactical due to her strength and speed and use hand-to-hand combat skills acquired directly from Captain America.

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What if? Civil War #1 “What if Captain America led all the heroes against registration?” – from Kevin Greviu and Gustavo Duarte – The Observer shows what would happen if all the Marvel heroes opposed the Law on Registration of Superhumans after the death of Iron Man. In this version of events Henry Geirich unleashes an army of obedient Thor clones against the anti-registration forces of Captain America, which leads to a massacre. During the confrontation, heroes such as the Creature and Carol Danvers are shot down by lightning, while a clone breaks the neck of a Female Hulk, showing that her usual form cannot be compared even with a fake version of the Thunder God.

The Thor Clones are based on Tony Stark’s greatest mistake during the first Civil War event in the main continuity. Tony Thor’s clone (dubbed Ragnarok) turned out to be an almost unstoppable powerhouse. According to Captain America in What If? The problem is, Thor uses only a third of his power in battles with mortals. This means that even if the clones only have a fraction of his true strength, it still makes them insanely strong and clearly strong enough to surpass Jennifer Walters (at least without her recent Celestial upgrade).

The God of Thunder and Bruce Banner’s Hulk have been fighting for years with different results. Unfortunately, Jennifer’s control over her powers does not allow her to access the same power as Bruce’s furious behemoth. By her own admission, her strength is several times less than the strength of the Hulk — in World War Hulk #1, she even says that her cousin hits “a thousand times harder” than herself. This seems to be confirmed in What If? the storyline. Meanwhile, the original Ragnarok could only be stopped by Hercules, the hero who defeated both the Hulk and Thor.

Jennifer Walters is one of the strongest creatures in the Marvel universe, but even she was nothing more than an inconvenience to the Odinson clone. Although the story takes place outside of the main continuity, there is no reason to doubt the results, given that this is not an alternate reality, but as a result, events in the mainstream have gone differently. While fans like to speculate which superhumanly strong fighters will win a fair battle when it comes to the Female Hulk and Thor, Marvel has already given the final answer.