Thor: Love Thunder Teaser Explains Rumors of a Connection with Black Panther


Teasers for “Thor: Love and Thunder” explained rumors of a connection with “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.” Marvel has come a long way since introducing its first pantheon in Thor 2011. At the time, the studio wasn’t sure if supernatural beings would fit well into the pseudoscience-based shared universe they were creating; that’s why Odinson even had a line in which he claimed to come from a place where magic and science were one and the same. However, now the Marvel cinematic universe has become much more confident — it introduced the Egyptian gods in “Moon Knight” and Russell Crowe as Zeus in “Thor: Love and Thunder”.

There have been rumors for months that Zeus won’t be the only divine being to make his KVM debut in Thor: Love and Thunder. There were constant reports that Akosia Sabet would appear as Bast, the panther god of Wakanda. The promotional images seem to confirm this: in one shot, Valkyrie and the Mighty Thor Jane Foster are sitting on thrones above Sabet, whose costume seems to be deliberately stylized as a black panther costume. All of this naturally led to intense speculation about exactly how Bast might fit into the plot.

However, the TV commercials for Thor: Love and Thunder seem to have explained how such a cameo could fit in. At first, viewers believed that the footage of Russell Crowe’s Zeus delivering a speech on Olympus, the birthplace of the Greek gods, but it seems that this is no longer the case. Now the exterior shots of the structure have confirmed that it is based on the City of Omnipotence, represented by Jason Aaron in the Thor race. It is a place where all the different pantheons from all over the galaxy gather to deal with crises. It is therefore reasonable to assume that Zeus is calling a Council of Deities to discuss the rampage of Gorr, the Butcher God, and that Bast is present along with Valkyrie and Thor Jane Foster.

The Council of Deities can potentially serve two purposes in the Torah: Love and Thunder. In the comics, the Council of Deities has created various teams known as “God Squads” to deal with crisis situations, and they can potentially send Thor and his allies on a mission to stop Gorr. Alternatively, and more ominously, Gorr could have chosen the gathering of the gods in the City of Omnipotence as an opportunity to strike. In this scenario, the Council of Deities turns into a bloodbath when Gorr himself arrives.

If Bast does appear in “Thor: Love and Thunder,” then she could potentially return in “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.” This movie will see another rise to claim the mantle of Black Panther—probably Letitia Wright’s brother—in-law-but the destruction of the heart-shaped Grass in “Black Panther” means no one else will be able to take on the role. Bast was the one who led the first Black Panther, the Tower, to the Heart-shaped Grass about 10,000 years ago, and she could help the people of Wakanda find a replacement. Thus, “Thor: Love and Thunder” can serve as an important preparation for “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.”