Thor: Love & Thunder Quietly Teased Future MCU Villain Moon Knight


The future villain Moon Knight was quietly teased for the Marvel cinematic universe in the movie “Thor: Love and Thunder”. In the fourth phase of the MCU, a lot of attention is paid to the gods due to the combination of “Moon Knight” and “Thor: Love and Thunder”. The Disney+ series starring Oscar Isaac focused on Egyptian gods such as Honshu and Ammit, which added to the mythology of the MCU gods before Gorr, the Butcher God, hunted the gods. Speculation has understandably turned to whether “Moon Knight” and “Thor: Love and Thunder” will overlap to a significant extent.

Those who hoped that the Moon Knight would appear in “Thor: Love and Thunder” or see Gorr, the butcher god, kill one of the gods of the Ennead, were ultimately disappointed. After all, the two MCU Phase 4 projects have little in common with each other, as Gorr’s mission to kill the gods never comes close to Egyptian mythology. Nevertheless, “Thor: Love and Thunder” contains or mentions dozens of deities, ranging from the panther god Wakanda Basta to the son of Zeus Hercules. The latter hails from the City of Omnipotence, and it is during an episode of the film in this secret city that the future villain Moon Knight is teased.

When Thor, Valkyrie, Jane Foster and Korg enter the hall of the City of Omnipotence to find Zeus, the thunder god mentions all the various deities who have visited this kingdom. Olympians such as Zeus, the Celestials and many other powerful Marvel beings have been known to spend time here. At this time, Thor names a handful of other gods, including the name of Ra, the sun god and the father of all creation in Egyptian mythology. In the comics, Ra becomes one of the Moon Knight’s greatest villains, so his teaser in “Thor: Love and Thunder” paves the way for him to become a future MCU villain.

Who is Ra? Marvel’s Explanation of the Sun King

Ra’s comic history dates back to his debut in the pages of Thor #300 in 1980 as Ammon-Ra, one of the many names he has borne over the years. Like the sun god from Egyptian mythology, Ra is one of the most powerful gods in Marvel history. He was the Elder God, and his status as the King of the Gods meant the birth of many children, including Honshu, the source of the Moon Knight’s power. Ra’s comic connections with the Moon Knight went even further in 2017 when he chose Patient 86 as his last Avatar, turning him into the Sun King. It was through this army that Ra and Honshu entered the war again when the Sun King tried to destroy the life of the Moon Knight, reveal his darkest secrets and unite his worst enemies against him.

Now that Thor: Love and Thunder has created the future MCU villain Moon Knight, Marvel Studios needs to get them to interact in real time. Marvel hasn’t announced any plans for a second season of Moon Knight, but the Sun King would be the perfect villain if that were to happen. There is a chance that the Sun King Ra will become a villain in the joint project “Sons of Midnight”, which, apparently, the MCU also aspires to. Now viewers who want to see the battle of the Moon Knight and the Sun King in the MCU should hope that Marvel Studios will pay off for this “Thor: Love and Thunder” teaser.


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