“Thor: Love and Thunder” required a lot of changes to fit the MCU’s Phase 4 plan


“Thor: Love and Thunder” director Taika Waititi had to make many changes to the film to fit the broader MCU Phase 4 plan. In the sequel to The Avengers: Finale, the God of Thunder is going through a midlife crisis in search of a new goal. His journey to find inner peace is interrupted by the arrival of Gorr, the butcher god, who embarks on a mission to destroy all the gods. Before he can put his superhero days behind him, Thor gathers another team of allies (including ex-girlfriend Jane Foster, who is now the Mighty Thor) to try to defeat Gorr.

Eschewing the multiverse thread that prevailed in Phase 4, “Thor: Love and Thunder” largely works as a standalone narrative in its own corner of the franchise. However, he is still part of a wider shared universe, which means he has to match what Marvel has in mind as Phase 4 progresses. This means that creatives must be willing to change certain aspects of their projects so that everything matches up in the end. . As it turned out, Waititi had to go through many iterations Love and Thunder.

In an interview with IndieWire, Waititi was asked about his understanding of the various MCU storylines that continue in movies and TV shows. The director admitted that he doesn’t keep up with all of them, and instead relies on Marvel to tell him what changes he needs to make. Check out his comments in the space below:

I don’t study all the threads and storylines of Marvel, because there are too many of them, and I don’t know half of the characters. I don’t want to read any of the comics. I just want to make my own movie, just insert things, and then they’ll say: “You can’t do that because it spoils the whole storyline.” This movie has a lot of versions. I would like to take a character and put it in a movie or kill a character, but it affects all these different things that I have no idea about.

At first, this may shock some viewers: one of Marvel’s most prominent directors doesn’t know everything that’s going on in the franchise, but this revelation isn’t entirely surprising. Waititi is one of the busiest and hardest—working people in the industry, he has many projects at various stages of development, including the second season of “Our Flag means Death” and the new movie “Star Wars”. With everything on his plate, Waititi may just not have time to watch every part of the MCU coming out. Fortunately for him, Kevin Feige and the rest of Marvel executives make sure that Thor films don’t violate the MCU canon. In the past, James Gunn has discussed the need for continuity, which Marvel knows very well.

It would seem that any changes that Waititi had to make did not affect his relationship with Marvel, and he was still able to create a high-budget blockbuster in which his unique feelings would manifest themselves (like “Thor: Ragnarok”). In any case, this anecdote illustrates a healthy partnership between the director and the studio, emphasizing the joint nature of their dynamics. Waititi understands that the MCU does not consist solely of his Thor films, so he is open to adjusting his scripts if necessary. As the larger picture of Phase 4 and subsequent events becomes more apparent, it will be interesting to see how “Thor: Love and Thunder” contributes to the story.