Thor in Marvel’s Avengers: best skills and tips


The God of Thunder in Marvel’s Avengers is one of the characters that deals the most damage to the enemy. Know what skills you should improve when handling Thor.

The new work from Crystal Dynamics has already passed through our hands. Marvel’s Avengers is about to end its first week on the market; is heading, as they had already announced, to fulfill the established roadmap. Kate Bishop will be the first post-launch character to join the Chimera. As part of our detailed guide, today we will focus on the potential of Thor, the God of Thunder. A hero who serves as a broom to clear large groups of enemies.

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Thor in Marvel’s Avengers: Primary Abilities

Thor is the penultimate character to be unlocked during the Rally Campaign. Therefore, it is normal that at the end of the story arc you are below character level 10 (while in the rest you will even exceed it). The God of Thunder comes to the Crystal Dynamics title as a kind of dps focused on area damage.

As we usually say in the pieces focused on each hero, you must bear in mind that the first skill points need to be directed to unlocking the primary skills. In this way, the range of basic movements available is significantly broadened. Thor, unlike other avengers, is not especially useful in close combat. In comparison, his light and heavy attacks serve as a bridge to heroic charges.

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In any case, it has a peculiarity: it can fly. Only Iron Man matches him in this regard, maximizing his mobility. Shooting Star triggers a hammer fall that deals heavy damage over a wide area. This ability can be filled with Celestial Rift, which allows us to channel the intrinsic energy when performing a plummet. More damage, more profit.


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