Thor: 6 Memes that Perfectly Reflect Comics


Everything is ready to appear in “Thor: Love and Thunder” on July 8, 2022. The Asgardian god of Thunder is a character with different moods when it comes to his appearance in comics. While there are some plot arcs that humanize him as a deity who has to deal with his inner demons, Thor also has lighter moments when he’s just busy with human activities (like grilling hamburgers and eating ice cream).

Most of the memes dedicated to Thor on the Internet are associated with such different moods of the almost immortal Avenger. In such memes, if not Odin’s son, then his father Odin himself and his half-brother Loki may appear. Some others even end up with alternate versions, such as “Grillmaster Thor” or even “Throg” (the frog version of Thor in an alternate reality)!


Source: Lociology on MEME

The aforementioned meme is a super-immersion into several panels from Thor comics storylines over the decades. If there is one recurring theme that unites these comics, it is Loki’s eternal presence in Thor’s life. Despite the fact that the two brothers had moments of reconciliation, they often clashed with each other.

Given that he is the God of Mischief, Loki creates enough trouble for Thor to exclaim with speech bubbles that end with either a question mark or an exclamation mark. “Brother!” or “Loki?” – common words spoken by Thor regardless of the storyline.

enjoying the cream

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Despite the fact that Thor lived for centuries, it was only in the 20th century that he was able to visit Midgard and study human culture. A naive Thunder God wanders through one of these adventures in one of the issues of the 1980s Thor comics and discovers a cream cream.

While ice cream may be a common food item for many people, Thor is so fascinated by it that he is ready to compare it with the nectar of the gods. The meme shares this classic 1987 panel with a text conversation in agreement with Thor’s love of cream (with one of the texts making a funny remark to the MCU version where he smashed a cup on the floor after finding the drink delicious).

The Immortal Thor

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In fact, Thor is immortal thanks to the genealogy of Asgard. Therefore, it makes sense to show the Torah in a meme that also serves as a greeting card. In comics, such as the iconic image of Jason Aaron, Thor is almost fifteen hundred years old (this fact is also confirmed by the MCU version).

So what is even old age for a godlike. With flowing blond hair falling over his shoulders and an unshaven face, the smooth work in the meme goes in tandem with his portrayal in his stand-alone comics and Avengers comics from the 1960s to the 1980s.

Netflix Adaptation

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Netflix has kicked the ball out of the park with some of its originals, but it also has a polarizing reception when it comes to some live performance adaptations. The film “Death Note” is the most striking example of this.

This meme also mocks this fact by showing a frame from a video by Kyle Hill (called Science Thor here). YouTuber is a scientific expert who analyzes the science of a pop culture phenomenon, such as the physics around Thor’s hammer. The descending order in which other formats are mentioned probably implies that the manga (comic) version of the character is the best of all. Some devoted readers of the best comics about Thor will readily agree.

Grillmaster Tor

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Although canonically Loki cannot be a noobmaster69 (the Fortnite player who mocks Thor and Korg in Avengers: Finale), a worthy competitor of the joker is “Grillmaster Thor”. The meme perfectly shows that Thor is more than just fighting and doing pious deeds. Instead, he is passionate about eating and drinking to the point that he cooks on his own.

In this particular panel from the recent New Avengers comic, you can see Thor cooking hamburgers for a team of young New Age heroes. But when the new Captain America demands pies, Thor orders the Incredibly Amazing Hulk (Amadeus Cho) to bring pies, most of which seem to contain some kind of alcohol, from beer to mead.

Thunder Frog

Source: Theoryman360 on Reddit.

One of the many versions of Thor in the comics is a Trog, which is exactly what it sounds like, a frog with Thor’s powers. The character even wears similar armor, cloak and helmet, albeit with a smaller version of Mjolnir.

Even outside of comics, Thursday’s day is named after a version of Thor from Norse mythology. The meme goes on to joke that if Thor has Thursdays, then Wednesdays are for Trog (since there is a trend of memes with random frogs declaring, “It’s Wednesday, my dudes”). Jokes aside, the etymology of the word Wednesday also goes back to Thor’s father Odin (who in some traditions is known as Voden).