Thodex’s traffic multiplied 5 in October


Thodex’s web traffic, which has been observed to focus on TV ads and gift campaigns, increased more than 5 times.

Thodex, formerly known as Koineks and rebranded in March, received record visits in October., the stock exchange’s website, achieved 220 thousand visits in September, according to SimilarWeb data, while this figure increased more than 5 times last month to 1 million 400 thousand.

As of October, Thodex focused on both TV commercials and gift campaigns. The company launched a campaign last month, where the grand prize was the 2020 Porsche Panamera GTS. Within the scope of the campaign, Macbook Air for 50 people, iPhone 11 for 30 people, Apple Watch for 100 people, Playstation 4 for 50 people, Samsung Galaxy S10 for 30 people and Thodex gift packages for 500 people. This campaign, which will end on January 16, and the advertisements that have been circulating on TV channels for a while, seem to have made a significant contribution to the exchange’s traffic to 5 times.

There was a significant growth not only in the number of visits but also in the transaction volume in the stock exchange. CoinMarketCap data states that Thodex’s transaction volume in the last 24 hours was approximately $ 29 million. 20 cryptocurrencies are listed on the exchange. Bitcoin, Chainlink and Tether account for the largest share in volume.


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