This would happen if BTS boys liked the same girl


The BTS members think that this could happen if everyone liked the same girl. Each of the BTS members have a different personality, which complements their band and gives it a special glow when they are on stage, even when interacting with the public through interviews.

Currently the boys are very concentrated in their musical career, they are one of the most representative K-pop groups of their generation and they put up the name of their country of origin, South Korea.

The idols of Big Hit Entertainment have experienced love in different ways, even though they were very young, some of them did date a girl or met someone special before they became so famous.

But can you imagine what would happen if Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, V, Suga, Jungkook and RM fell in love with the same girl? Well, in an interview years ago, the interpreters of ‘Jamais Vu’ revealed how far they would go to conquer the heart of his ideal girl.



The leader of BTS thinks that if he and his companions were in love with the same girl, he would not allow himself to be defeated by his rivals, or at least that was what he declared since the idol said in the interview:

If that happened between BTS, since we are BTS, I would not give up. If that happened, well, it shouldn’t happen. But I think it would go to the end.


Suga showed him more understanding and tender side, the rapper revealed that it is a difficult situation where you have to choose love and friendship, so he believes that:

I respect a lot the tastes and thoughts of each person, so I am not going to force that girl so that he loves me


The solecito of BTS is a person who is very realistic and is very sincere, the idol when asked about what would happen if all the members of his group will like the same girl, said:

I have thought about this a lot, I am someone sensitive when it comes to love, I would understand the situation from all sides and try to solve it wisely


Jin is the biggest member of BTS and he showed his maturity when asked about his battle for the heart of the same girl, as the idol replied that he would give up, why would he only observe the fights of his band friends for love from afar. LOL.


Jimin is a very adorable boy, his personality is very wise and analyzes all the situations that arise and although he takes all difficulties as challenges, he replied that, if all the members of BTS felt they were brought by the same girl , he would better try to find someone else to maintain the friendship of his companions.


Kim Taehyung’s charisma is incredible, the Bangtan Boys singer always dazzles ARMY with every interaction and makes them fall in love with his little gestures. The BTS member said that he would wait for an opportunity to be with that girl and would put all his effort to make that special someone fall in love.


Although Jungkook is the smallest member of BTS, he is also one of the most determined idols of the K-pop band, as he was very sincere when asked what would happen if all the members of BTS liked the same girl, he replied that he would not give up and would try to reach her heart regardless of the consequences.


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