This will be the houses of the future according to LG


What will the houses of the future be like? 30 years ago, for example, Back to the Future Part 2 lied to us about some things, but definitely got it right in others, showing an interconnected home, with smart devices, voice controls, etc. And although many of us would love to have Tony Stark’s house hyperdomotized in his Iron Man movies, that for now is still a bit far.

But we move forward, because you can now install blinds and ‘smart’ lights, doors with locks and cameras connected to the mobile, appliances that they ask Amazon when they run out of detergent, milk, etc …

LG ThinQ Home
Taking advantage of the framework offered by the IFA, the Berlin technology fair that has opened its doors today until Saturday, LG has presented its own concept, its personal and technological vision of how houses will be in the future. A concept that he has called LG ThinQ Home and that we have already seen before this year at events such as CES 2020 last January, only this time ThinQ Home has materialized in a three-story house that allows you to see and experience a smart home and self-sufficient.

Really built as a physical example in the South Korean city of Pangyo, the Silicon Valley of Korea, ThinQ Home is designed under the premise that “LG is one of the few companies that with its solutions can create a home from scratch: from solar panels or air conditioning to entertainment and household appliances ”, as the company indicated in its presentation today at the IFA.

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In this way, the first element is self-sufficiency and, at the same time, energy sustainability, two concepts present in the house’s use of solar panels, which provide the necessary energy to heat the water and allow the operation of the lights and electronic devices and household appliances, while storing surplus.


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