This WhatsApp feature will introduce a new privacy option!


WhatsApp is developing a new privacy option! This feature will give you more control over your profile information.

WhatsApp brings a new privacy feature. It is certain that this feature will provide great convenience to users! Before going into the details of the new update, let’s mention that the platform has been working on the ‘Communities’ feature for a while. Thanks to Communities, administrators will be able to group groups within themselves. So consider a school’s Community group. Within this Community, the classes will be grouped. In this way, managers will retain more control.

Now let’s come to the feature that has appeared recently… WhatsApp users will now have more control over who can see their profile information.

WhatsApp, ‘… Except My Contacts’ option is on the way!

According to the news of WABetaInfo, the messaging platform belonging to Meta has sent a new update through the Google Play Beta Program. With this update, it increased the version to Thus, the details of a feature that is expected to be released to everyone after a while have also emerged.

Thus, the ‘who can see my last seen’ options have increased to four. (Photo: WABetaInfo)

WhatsApp will add an option to ‘… except my contacts’ with its new privacy feature. The feature named ‘… except my contacts’ is for the privacy of profile information. Already in the past months, it has been revealed that WhatsApp is working on an “… Except My Contacts” option for Last Seen (, Profile Photo ( and About (

The feature in question was being developed in the aforementioned updates. But WhatsApp is finally rolling out the new option for select beta testers today. You can check whether the feature is active for you in the Privacy Settings section.

So, what is this ‘…without my contacts‘? There are three options so far in your profile information and last seen. These are ‘My Contacts’, ‘Everyone’ and ‘Nobody’. However, you will now be able to hide this information from people who are in your contacts list but you have blacklisted. That is, as in the ‘Status’ section. Thus, you will be able to choose who cannot see your information on WhatsApp.

By the way, if you disable last seen for certain contacts, you won’t be able to see their last seen either. However, this rule does not apply to About and Profile Photo. In other words, when you hide your profile photo to certain people in your contacts, you will continue to see his photo if he has not closed it to you.

We do not yet know when exactly WhatsApp will open this feature to everyone. As new information becomes available, we will continue to share it with you. Well, do you think this privacy setting is important? We are curious about your thoughts and you can share them with us as a comment…