This Web3 coin is launched with affiliate news!


The Web3 Coin project, popularizing the “act and win” mechanism, is experiencing a boom in social networks and prices after news of a new partnership.

The ASICS shoe sale marks the launch of the game on the BNB network.

GMT, the native token of STEPN’s Web3 lifestyle web application with fun social elements and gamified design, has been trending for some time. According to a post on STEPN’s official Twitter account, interest in the groundbreaking game “play to win” has increased dramatically in recent weeks, and now 300,000 active users visit it daily. In addition, the Green Metaverse Token (GMT) cryptocurrency, which is needed to increase the NFT of in-game sneakers, has grown significantly, increasing by 384% in the last month alone.

On the other hand, the recent Greenwich Mean Time price increase was apparently caused by the launch of the NFT STEPN x ASICS shoe. Over the previous 24 hours, GMT grew by another 34%, bringing its market capitalization to $2 billion.

The Web3 Coin Announces a Giant Event

People who sign up for the sale of STEPN x ASICS NFT sneakers on the Binance NFT marketplace will be selected to receive the first STEPN shoes to be used in the BNB Chain version of the game in the coming weeks. For use in the game, the mysterious shoe boxes will contain various types of ASICS Walker, Jogger, Runner and Trainer shoes, which are both common and rare in the real world. The 2010 shoe boxes are already available for purchase, each box costs 0.5 BNB, or about $208. According to the company, the cheapest samples of new ASICS shoes are currently sold on the secondary market at a price of at least $ 1,889.

In its marketing materials, STEPN describes itself as a “Web3 lifestyle app” and encourages users to earn tokens while walking, jogging or jogging outside. As we reported on Somanews, the game was originally released on Solana, and will now be available on the BNB network. Before users can join the game and earn money, they must first buy a pair of NFT shoes in the in-game store. The current base price of NFT is about 11.5 sols, or $1,218 at the time of writing.