This Web 3.0 Coin Leaps: What is COVID Slice (COVID19)?


Given the number of cryptocurrencies on the market, it was only a matter of time before a COVID-19 themed token was trending. BSC-based win-to-play and Web3 coin “COVID Slice (COVID19)” can be an example of this. In this article, let’s answer the question of what is COVID Slice (COVID19) and take a look at its price.

What is COVID Slice (COVID19)?

Released on January 18, 2021, COVID Slice is a play-to-win platform built with the Unity game engine. There is a 2D browser game similar to the popular Fruit Ninja. Users slice COVID-19 viruses while avoiding printing. The concept of the game is that instead of avoiding explosives like in Fruit Ninja, users avoid syringes filled with vaccines. It’s worth noting that the project isn’t trying to influence anyone’s beliefs or opinions about the COVID vaccine.

COVID Slice (COVID19) also includes a leaderboard with the top 10 players. The project’s plans include an NFT marketplace, currently in development, that allows users to buy, sell and trade their NFTs for COVID19 tokens.

COVID Slice (COVID19) token economy

The COVID19 token has a total supply of 1 billion and a trading volume of $1.2 million. The token, listed on CoinMarketCap today, is up over 190% from its $0.02039 exit price. The fully diluted market cap of COVID19 is $58 million, which is pretty significant for a recently launched token. As COVID19 is a Binance Smart Chain based BEP-20 token, it can be purchased on PancakeSwap.

COVID19 reached its ATH of $0.1004 on January 18. Today, it is trading at $0.06151, 39.52% below its peak price.