This was the surprising problem that Ellen Pompeo had to overcome


Famous actress Ellen Pompeo surprised her fans when she revealed that once the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy comes to an end, she wants to take a break from acting. Taking into account that she has already been reaffirming that decision for two seasons, it seems imminent that at any moment it will become a reality, which casts doubt on whether the show will exceed installment 19.

“I’m not saying I’ll never act again; very well, I can, but I’m not very excited about continuing my career as an actress. I am more enterprising at this stage. I am excited to invest in companies and start one. That’s an area of ​​growth that I’m excited about, using my brain in a different way.”

It is known by all that since Pompeo appeared in the first season of Grey’s Anatomy in 2005, she dedicated her artistic career exclusively to the character of Meredith. Something that has not prevented the actress from becoming a star of international fame by starring in such a long-running series with such worldwide projection. To such an extent that, as its creator Shonda Rhimes has said repeatedly, the series will go off the air when the actress so decides.

The artist’s statements about being tired of the routine do not surprise her followers considering that by starring in the medical drama she has not been interested in playing other roles in the last 18 years. This has sparked curiosity in the public about her beginnings in the industry and how she came to become one of the highest paid and respected actresses on television.

Born on November 10, 1969, Ellen Pompeo is an American actress who began her artistic life as a model at the age of 25, after being approached by a casting agent in New York who convinced her to appear in Citibank commercials. and L’Oreal. That same year she was attracted to acting and she began doing small roles in various film productions and television series, but without much success.

Already 33 years old and when she gave up and began to settle for minor roles, she got the opportunity to become the protagonist of Grey’s Anatomy, which marked a before and after in her professional career and in her personal life. her. Since she started the show, Pompeo has skyrocketed to fame. She received a Golden Globe nomination for her role in the series, and even created her own production company.

However, Ellen Pompeo didn’t always think she would have a career in acting. She first became interested in the entertainment industry as a child, when she was taken to see the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall. But it was already as an adult when she actually internalized her taste for acting, because despite loving the entertainment industry from an early age, her shyness became a problem that over the years almost overcame her, fortunately it was not. So.

She “was very sad and introverted when she was a child, and never, had she had the confidence or outgoing nature to be in a school play.”