This Was The Dark Alternative Ending Of Rise Of Skywalker In Conceptual Arts: Rey Vs Kylo


Star Wars: A concept artist who worked for the production of Star Wars: Episode 9 shares concept papers on a stunning alternate ending. An alternate ending to the controversial outcome of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has surfaced in the form of concept art by an artist who worked on the production. It is a conclusion that has nothing to do with the one that was finally presented and that caused so much controversy at the time. And of course, what artist John McCoy proposed was much darker than the end of the Skywalker saga, with a brutal confrontation between Rey and Kylo Ren. This is how the medium The Direct collects it, which has compiled the 9 arts in the form of a storyboard of such a spectacular final battle and that we offer you below.

The ending of Episode IX we never saw

And it is that the closure that was given to the last Star Wars trilogy with the entire plot of Palpatine and the final confrontation with Rey caused all kinds of conflicting opinions, for many, being a real disappointment. However, in Lucasfilm they had on the table a much more dramatic and dark alternative ending in which Rey and Kylo Ren faced off in an epic duel. This can be seen in the sequence of conceptual arts as a storyboard that you can see in the following gallery and that will make any Star Wars fan’s teeth grow long.

In these images we see how Rey approaches an emaciated Kylo Ren sitting on a throne, in what seems like a total submission to the dark side of the force by the son of Han Solo. Soon both will face each other on a narrow platform with sabers in hand. Somehow, Rey gets hold of Kylo’s red saber and manages to subdue him, bringing his saber very close to his throat. In a last image we see how Rey, using the Force, lifts Kylo while he strangles him, with his green lightsaber in the other hand. For lack of deeper context, it appears that Kylo Ren has finally succumbed to the dark side and Rey is forced to stop the new Sith.