This viral visitor to the Disneyland Park in TikTok, Riding in front of the Splash Mountain Stream, is so attractive


If you’ve ridden Splash Mountain, you’ve probably been there.

Whatever you think about the fact that Splash Mountain is on the verge of a major overhaul, the fact is that regardless of whether you are happy with the new version of the attraction or not, we will all lose the ability to ride it. sooner rather than later. Work on Splash Mountain is likely to begin in the near future, and that will mean losing wonderful moments on the trip, like getting completely wet when you don’t expect it.

Splash Mountain is a traditional gutter ride and the whole experience comes down to a massive fall at the end. There’s usually a pretty big splash at the end, but if you’ve ever been on an attraction, you know that, depending on where you’re sitting, there are actually other places that can wet you even more. The recent viral TikTok demonstrates how unexpected it can be, and if you know, you know.

If you’ve ridden Splash Mountain, you’ve probably already been that guy. While you expect a big fall at the end, both versions of the attraction at Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom have smaller falls that occur at the beginning of the attraction, and in the case of this one, it happens in the dark, so you may not realize it’s going to happen.

With a big fall, you may actually end up in water that will flow over you and around you, rather than on top of you, because of the force with which you hit that water. The smaller the drop, the smaller the splash, which is actually more likely to just hit the boat, and thus you will get wet, especially if you are ahead.

Pretty soon, images like this will be all we have from Splash Mountain, and when the ride comes back, it will be different. Splash Mountain is turning into one of the biggest upcoming rides in Disney world, Tiana’s Adventure on the Bayou, and while it will still be a log-tray ride, the story and characters, as well as the technology that will bring it all to life, will be all new.

One big question is how the ride itself might change. It is not necessary that the ride itself be subject to any actual upgrade. Although it is assumed that the caterpillar itself will be replaced with new components, its location may remain the same, which means that all these additional differences may be in a new trip. However, decisions to change the route can be made for a number of reasons. We can get more drops in the new attraction or lose the ones we have.

We were told what the story of Tiana’s adventure in Bayou will be, but what it means for a real trip is still unknown. We don’t even know when we will have the last chance to ride Splash Mountain and get wet, although it will probably be soon, since the new Tiana attraction is already scheduled for a grand opening at the end of 2024.


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