This Story about Top Gun: Maverick Glen Powell and Miles Teller Live Together Too Cute


“The Best Shooter: Maverick” was a movie that fans had been waiting for for decades, and when the sequel “The Best Shooter” came out, fans were very excited. “Maverick” is the biggest movie of the year at the box office by a fairly large margin. Fans are thrilled with the return of Tom Cruise and all the new characters. It turns out that the actors playing these characters also love each other. Seriously, these guys are adorable.

Recently, fellow “Best Shooter: Maverick” co-star Miles Teller shared a photo of him and Glen Powell hanging out together and clearly having a good time. Even though the two are feuding with each other in the movie, it’s obvious that these guys are pretty good friends. However, Powell then shared the photo on Twitter and took the situation to a whole new level by sharing a story about how they lived in the same room during filming, and it’s incredibly cute.

Do you remember how we spent the night together on an aircraft carrier? I’m on the top bunk, you’re on the bottom. Every night you said: “Good night, Hangi.” And I said: “Good night, Ru.” I miss it.

It’s quite possible that Glen Powell, who took his shirtless football scene very seriously, is just having fun with his friend, and those bedtime exchanges when they called each other Hangy and Roo didn’t really happen. But there’s no reason not to believe it’s real, and it’s incredibly cute. The fans who responded to this tweet are now in a complete swoon, and it would be painful to know that it was a joke. While Powell certainly laughs while telling this story, the story itself makes you look at the original picture in a different way. You can feel the sincerity of the smiles.

And given everything the cast has been through, it’s no surprise that at least some of them are so closely connected. These guys not only made a movie together, but also trained on real planes to practically play all the flying scenes of Top Gun: Maverick. Going through something like this together, sleeping in the same room on an aircraft carrier, will bring your cast closer together. Glen Powell talked about the pressure everyone felt working on Maverick. It’s not a shock that they brought together during production.

The fact that they apparently called each other by their characters’ call signs rather than names shows how much they just lived inside this movie. The fact that they had adorable nicknames for these call signs shows how close they really were. If anything can make the movie “Best Shooter: Maverick” even better, it’s that the actors had a great time creating it.

And it certainly makes you want to see them again. It took decades to get a sequel to Top Gun, but considering how successful Maverick was, it’s hard to imagine that Paramount isn’t considering making Top Gun 3. Maybe Hangy and Roo will be together again soon.


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