This show of the 90s should keep secret one huge question of the show of the 70s unanswered


This ’90s show has the opportunity to solve many of the biggest mysteries of this ’70s show, but one of the greatest unanswered questions must remain a secret. The Netflix sequel series returns most of the original cast of the “70s Show to guest roles, which means that viewers will finally get answers to burning questions left unanswered in the sitcom finale. On the other hand, some of these unanswered questions turned out to be intentional, so the “90s Show” may still hold a few important secrets.

Of course, some of the most important questions after the finale of the eighth season of the “70s Show” will inevitably require answers in the “90s Show.” The idea that Jackie and Fez remained a couple after the original finale has been a point of contention for fans for the past 15 years, with some wondering if she would eventually return to Hyde or Kelso. The show of the 70s also gave almost no information about what happened to Eric in Africa, to whom Kitty, Red and his daughter Leia could now turn. This show of the 90s has already answered whether Donna and Eric are officially back together, but his return left in the minds of viewers another question about what happened to her ex-boyfriend Randy.

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The biggest questions left after the finale of the “70s Show” can finally be answered through the character’s return to the “90s Show, but one mystery must remain unsolved. Perhaps the biggest joke in the “70s Show” is that no one knows which country Fez is from, so the origin of the character beloved by fans remains a complete mystery. Although Fez’s real name has also remained unclear, his home country is still considered the best joke of the original series, especially considering the confusing details that Wilmer Valderrama’s character mentions about his origin. Such bizarre details suggest that the homeland of Fez is fictional, which ultimately makes the character an even more unique figure. Thus, the “Show of the 90s” should not touch on the incredible mystery of the “Show of the 70s” about the country of origin of Fez, and the best way out for a series of sequels is to continue the ignorance of the heroes about its origin.

Fez actor Wilmer Valderrama also seems to enjoy the fact that the character’s country has never been revealed, as he explained that Fez’s unknown past and naivety allow him to be “a little bit of everything” (through TODAY). Since Valderrama himself had no idea where Fez should be born from, he decided to combine several accents from different countries for the character, which allowed him to represent no one and no one. Valderrama believes that Fez’s naive actions, innocence or “verbal mistakes” are not offensive, but charming, and the mystery of the character allows him to be more multidimensional. Since Valderrama prefers Fes to have a broader appeal associated with a different past, the best way for the “90s Show to act when the character of the “70s Show returns is to keep the secret.

However, this does not mean that the “Show of the 90s” cannot embellish the curious details of the mysterious origin of Fez, since the series can continue the joke, adding even more inconsistencies to the history of his country. This Show of the 70s rarely revealed new details about Fez’s homeland, while most of the information came from Fez’s statements that his native country had won the war against the British. He also said that his country is divided between the western and eastern sides of the island, with the western side inhabited by British colonizers, and Dutch is one of its languages. While theories about where Fez is from continue to grow after the finale of the “70s Show,” the “90s Show” should avoid directly debunking or confirming the truth about the mystery.