This secret character will be the key to the bank escape


Fans of La Casa de Papel are already guessing how the intrepid gang of robbers will end their success at the Bank of Spain. A secondary character hidden in the background of season three could be the key.

A dramatic suspense saw the professor being held at gunpoint, but fans of La Casa de Papel know that the professor always has a miraculous escape plan up his sleeve.

This new theory suggests that the mysterious Captain and, more importantly, his ship, could be the key to the Professor’s escape in Season 5 of La Casa de Papel.

When the professor assembles the gang at the beginning of the third part, the team sets sail to rescue Rio before the heist begins. His covert method of traveling could be the team’s way of just getting off at La Casa de Papel.

In the past, the thieves of La Casa de Papel have managed to perform an impressive subterfuge to escape the police after the heist is over as many fans may remember.

However, other fans pointed out that it would be incredibly artificial if the professor suddenly found a nearby river in the fifth installment of La Casa de Papel to navigate in the heat of battle.

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