This revelation that will not please the royal family!


The royal family will appreciate! For “Fox News”, biographer Ingrid Seward revealed how Meghan Markle felt about her life in England.

Relations between Meghan Markle and the rest of the royal family are still at their worst. And tensions are likely to rekindle following the recent confidences of Ingrid Seward for “Fox News”.


It’s no secret that Meghan Markle doesn’t really have unanimity within the Windsor clan. And in recent months, the rift seems to have widened between the Duchess and the rest of the Firm.

Exiled in the United States since the Megxit, Archie’s mother appears much more fulfilled. This Saturday, November 7, Ingrid Seward – a royal biographer – explained the reason for her happiness.

Without a filter, the writer explained that Meghan Markle had never been “a big fan of England”. Tackled on all sides, the wife of Prince Harry would quickly feel misunderstood by the English people.

Compared to Kate Middleton, she would never have understood why the British “didn’t particularly like her”.

A malaise similar to that of Wallis Simpson. Who as a reminder, was the wife of ex-monarch Edward VIII. Queen Elizabeth II’s uncle had abdicated in order to marry this beautiful, divorced American.


In any case, this page of history strangely brings to mind Meghan Markle and Harry. “It was a very similar scenario,” said Ingrid Seward.

According to the writer, the UK is still pretty old-fashioned about divorce.

“She’s American and Harry seems to have given it all up for her,” the biographer also added, adding that “Wallis Simpson didn’t like England.”

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Especially because of its climate. Anyway in California, Meghan Markle seems to want to move forward. Just like her husband Prince Harry.

Now they want to focus on their private life. But not only !

Far from the Windsor clan, Prince George’s aunt also wants to improve her image. And to do so, she multiplies the speeches … to the chagrin of the Firm. To be continued !


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