THIS NMIXX Member Is Shocking With Her Popularity on YouTube Amid Criticism of Her Appearance


“She looks ordinary…” In the Internet community ipeople are surprised that THIS NMIXX member, who was criticized for her appearance, is actually the most popular on YouTube.

Who do you think it is?

Haewon from NMIXX surprises with his popularity on YouTube

On December 29, a hot topic was an article about the online community, telling about the popularity of NMIXX Haewon. The post titled “Haewon dominates NMIXX” has collected more than 190 thousand views and 300 votes. This highlighted the huge popularity of the idol among other participants based on YouTube views.

THIS NMIXX Member Shocks With YouTube Popularity Amid Criticism Over Her Visuals

THIS NMIXX Member Shocks With YouTube Popularity Amid Criticism Over Her Visuals

The post contains screenshots of individual NMIXX “DICE” funkams, showing the difference between the views of Hevon and her colleagues.

While other popular members Kyujin, Sullyoon and former member Ginny barely scored 50 thousand views, each of the funkam views of Haewon exceeded 100 thousand views, and her highest figure exceeded 300 thousand.

THIS NMIXX Member Shocks With YouTube Popularity Amid Criticism Over Her Visuals

This is a huge achievement for a beginner, especially since YouTube views are a huge indicator for measuring the popularity of an idol and the huge probability that people will show interest in the group’s content.

When the post spread online, people were shocked. The reason why they did not expect such a result is that among the media participants they often talk about Sullyoon because of her stunning beauty and singing skills.

Obviously, people thought she would get more attention than Haewon.

THIS NMIXX Member Shocks With YouTube Popularity Amid Criticism Over Her Visuals

THIS NMIXX Member Shocks With YouTube Popularity Amid Criticism Over Her Visuals

They also noted that it was shocking because Haewon is often criticized for her visuals, which they call “ordinary” when she stands next to NMIXX.

Haewon has also become a victim of body-framing, as K-Netz claim that she has a larger physique compared to them.

NSWER defend Haewon from NMIXX and list the reasons why she is popular on YouTube

Although she rarely makes headlines because of her appearance, Korean NSWER defended the idol’s appearance. In fact, one day she caused a stir when her pre-debut photos spread online and people fell in love with her for her natural beauty.

People also think that Haewon will still become popular because she represents a finished image.

They reasoned that Haewon is a talented dancer and singer, she has a good sense of humor, she is interesting and well-mannered. K-NSWER stressed that it is rare to see an idol with all these qualities.

“Honestly… From a non-fan’s point of view, the other members just don’t fit… I think Haewon is a hot topic because she has great skills and a good sense of humor. Sullyoon has always been recognized because she looks beautiful, but she has less content.”

“The gap is huge. I thought Sullyoon would have the most. But even if I’m not a fan, I think I’ll still like Haewon. I find her beautiful, but I was surprised when I heard her sing.”
“Her manner of speaking and attitude are extremely favorable.”

“With this (beautiful) face, she sings well, dances well, is good at entertainment shows and is good for her fans, so what else do you want from her? hate commenters have faces from Instagram filters.”

Some have also compared Haewon to SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan, who is popular for his stereotype-busting looks, versatility, and sense of humor in entertainment shows.

“It’s unexpected, but Boo Seungkwan is in charge of entertainment, he has common sense, and he is one of the three most popular members of SEVENTEEN. I was embarrassed because she was actually the most popular.”

“Even if you leave malicious comments that she looks like an ordinary person, I think that Hyeon will be popular because she dances and sings well. I think it’s a much more important ability for an idol.”

In general, fans believe that her ability to make everything fun is not only her appearance and skills, but also the reason why she is the most popular on YouTube.

“If you look at her shorts on YouTube, you will understand why she is popular. There are many short clips, but the shorts About Hyeon are especially popular because they are fun to watch, as she has a unique flair and eloquence.”


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