THIS NewJeans Member Is Confirmed As a Global Burberry Ambassador


On January 6, the Burberry fashion line announced its new posol, and a NewJeans member was selected.

Can you guess who she is?

Danielle from NewJeans has been chosen as Burberry’s new global Ambassador
Danielle from NewJeans has been chosen as Burberry’s new global ambassador!

On January 6, the agency ADOR, owned by NewJeans, published photos of Danielle in clothes from the Burberry collection.

In the photos presented, Daniella is depicted in jeans, a black Frances bag and the brand’s iconic outerwear. All of Danielle’s clothes were from Burberry’s spring-summer 2023 pre-collection.

Fans were attracted to Danielle because of her attractive appearance and atmosphere.

Check out Danielle’s photos below!

NewJeans Danielle

NewJeans Danielle
NewJeans Hyein chosen as new Louis Vuitton Ambassador

From other news: NewJeans Hyein was chosen as an ambassador for Louis Vuitton.

On December 30, the luxury brand released an official announcement stating that Hyun will become their new brand ambassador. They were thrilled to work with the idol and will continue to support Hyun on her journey.

“Hein from NewJeans has been chosen as our new ambassador. With Hein, along with her distinctive NewJeans-style charm, we are excited to embark on a new journey with her.”

NewJeans attracts the attention of different companies

According to ADOR, a group of girls have received love calls from several companies due to their huge popularity.

NewJeans is one of the most sought—after female K-pop groups, given their influence in the music industry. The hitmakers of “Hype Boy” have already signed several endorsement contracts shortly after the debut.

NewJeans was contacted by representatives of a wide variety of industries, including companies specializing in telecommunications, banking and fashion brands. Five of them are well—known companies: SK Telecom, MEGASTUDY, Shinhan Bank, Musinsa and Pinkfong.

Monster newcomers received recognition on September 30 when they appeared in an advertisement for the iPhone 14 from SK Telecom.

On October 11, Pinkfong also drew attention to NewJeans. The family entertainment platform published a NewJeans video where the participants performed “Ninimo”.

Pinkfong entertainment network is also responsible for the success of “Baby Shark”. He became famous in 2016 for his catchy rhythm and catchy melody.

In addition, NewJeans discussed several partnerships with more than 100 companies from different industries.

“More than 100 companies have contacted NewJeans, and they are currently negotiating with international brands. They will also involve the group in various fields.”

The incredible number of deals made by NewJeans is no easy feat. Apart from their music, MV storylines and fashion, they are also loved for their personalities. Everyone brings something new to the group, making it effective in the long run.

Are you waiting for Danielle’s efforts at Burberry? Let us know in the comments below!


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